Panda accused of faking pregnancy for more buns and bamboo was maligned

Claims that a six-year-old panda faked signs of pregnancy to receive better treatment from her conservation centre carers have been debunked by one of China‘s leading panda experts. State newswire Xinhua reported on Tuesday that Ai Hin may have deliberately demonstrated signs of pregnancy, including “reduced appetite, less mobility and a surge in progestational hormone”. […]

Abafazi – Special report

To be a woman in politics is first and foremost to understand the full history of patriarchy. That is, to understand the fight that came before you. Frene Ginwala was South Africa’s first speaker of the National Assembly under democratic rule and her career in politics is marked by attempts to...

Okwiri Oduor unapologetic about being herself

Despite your Caine prize win last month, most South African readers are likely to be unfamiliar with you. I know you were born in Nairobi, I know you studied law, and I know you have written some exceptional short fiction. Other than that, who is Okwiri Oduor? I don’t know if a description of...

Ignoring prenatal HIV care leads to a lifelong burden

Tears stream uncontrollably down Samantha Benjamin’s* cheeks as she cradles her four-month-old daughter Francis* in her lap. “I know that it is because I was lazy that my child is HIV positive,” she mumbles softly. “I blame myself.” The infant bundled in a starry yellow fleece blanket is...

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Mia Von Scha

Taking ‘me time’ without the guilt

We can only give in relation to how much we have. If we are drained, our needs are not being met, and we are emotionally taxed, we have less to give to our children. Everyone needs a break and if we continue to push ourselves and not nurture ourselves and our needs, the chances of...
Kagure Mugo

What we need is ‘white, heterosexual, male CEO day’

Women’s Day, a time when we find new ways of brandishing the burdens of womanhood and showing the world the epic struggle that is being a female. It is also a day not safe from “religious holiday syndrome”. During Christmas or Easter a great number of people suddenly remember where...
Courtenay Sprague

Women’s rights hinge on women’s healthcare

In 1956, an increasingly systematic stripping of black South Africans’ freedom of movement, their equality and very dignity was unfolding across the country. On August 9 20 000 South African women converged at the Union Buildings to protest the pass laws. Placing themselves at the heart of the...