17 lies we need to stop teaching girls about sex

Knowledge is power, and we can promote a healthier relationship with sex by encouraging a more open dialogue, teaching girls to feel comfortable with their sexuality and, most importantly, emphasizing that their bodies are theirs and theirs alone. But first, we’re going to need to stop perpetuating the following 17 myths about female sexuality. Read it […]

Police allegedly mistake black actress kissing white partner for a prostitute

“Django Unchained” star Daniele Watts claims she was unlawfully detained by police Thursday after they saw her kissing her white boyfriend in a car and allegedly mistook her for a prostitute. In a Facebook post dated Sept. 11, Watts wrote that she was “handcuffed and...

Spanish government set to abandon plan to limit abortion access

The Spanish government is poised to abandon its plans to drastically limit access to abortion in the country, according to the newspaper El Mundo. The conservative People’s party introduced legislation in December that would make abortion illegal except in the case of rape or when there is a...

Breaking the pact of silence

My mother was raped by an elder from her church, someone she trusted. A man of God, or so she thought. She told her mother and her mother did nothing. This cut deep. Her mother, presumably the person who loved her most at the time, did not take what happened to her seriously. She behaved...

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Tracy Engelbrecht

Dear Child

Cath says write to your children. So let’s do this. At this stage in the parenting game, it’s probably a bit late to be providing rules on how to be a human. With a son of 20 and a daughter of nearly 13, parenting right now resembles the last 10 seconds of a MasterChef challenge....
Michelle Edwards

Ready for a second?

As soon as the Duke and Duchess’s news broke on Twitter on Monday, I logged off and resolved not to return until the equally tiresome witty derision and breathy sycophancy had died down. And then I got to thinking (you know, that thing you’re forced to do when you’re not on Twitter). How are...
Cath Jenkin

Write to your children

As a writer who focuses a lot of her energy and work on parenting, I often get asked for advice. I find this equal parts hilarious and touching, as I most often feel that, when it comes to parenting, I am most definitely “winging it”. Yes, I have opinions and perspectives that...