Religious children are meaner than their secular counterparts, study finds
November 9, 2015
Children from religious families are less kind and more punitive than those from non-religious households, according to a new study. Academics from seven universities across the world studied…
(Madelene Cronjé, M&G)
Buttock protest sabotages fight for equality
November 5, 2015
On October 30, the ANC Women’s League, which self-identifies as the custodian of the women’s movement in South Africa, will embark on a “Hands off Our President” march…
An H&M store on Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris February 15, 2015. (AFP / Alain Jocard)
H&M makes rights pledge to 1.6m textile workers

Swedish retail giant H&M on Tuesday signed an agreement promising better labour rights for 1.6 million garment workers at its suppliers’ factories. The deal, reached with international union IndustriALL Global Union and Sweden’s IF Metall union, covers workers employed in 1 900 factories in “countries such as Cambodia, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Turkey”, the three organisations said in …

This Instagram star is deleting thousands of photos to prove ‘nothing you see is real’

For anyone who ever peered at the sun-kissed photo of some Instagram “star” and thought, “This just can’t be real life,” this should be validating: Essena O’Neill, one of Instagram’s bright, beautiful stars, has decided to quit social media — and, in the process, expose how what we see isn’t always what it seems. O’Neill, 18, an …

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Artist reminds women of their beauty


Tiffany Markman
Being robbed is the price we pay for the way we live
"Being robbed is the price we pay for the way we live," my husband said, several hours after we came home on Saturday to find our front gate jimmied, our front door kicked in and many of our valuables stolen. I’ve been thinking about this for days now. He’s right.…
Mandy Collins
Give children a sporting chance against cancer
Take a guess at what the most common cancer in South Africa is -- breast cancer, maybe? Nope, sorry. Breast cancer gets a lot of publicity (especially round about now) but actually it's skin cancer. I came across some statistics published by the Cancer Association of South Africa in 2010…