MDGs: Child and maternal health needs critical care

Millennium Development Goals are unlikely to be met, despite increased efforts to improve child and maternal health, according to a report released by the independent Expert Review Group (iERG) on Information and Accountability for Women’s and Children’s health in New York this week. The group found that only seven out of the 75 countries with […]

Dada Masilo: Moved by her body’s emotions

Dancer and choreographer Dada Masilo’s signature speed and endurance have been put to the test during a successful two-year run of mesmerising European audiences with her extraordinary work. “At 29 I’m asking myself where I got my energy from,” she says. But her bones and soul are content...

An ode to trailblazing jazz singers

In a dense and soothing voice, akin to her contralto register, Grammy award-winning vocalist Dianne Reeves shares her thoughts on the “importance of the jazz singer” in the genre. It is weeks ahead of her performance at the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz in Sandton when Reeves tells me that,...

First Russian woman in International Space Station mission

A Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying an American and two Russian astronauts, including the first woman cosmonaut in 17 years, blasted off on Friday, Russian mission control said. The Soyuz-TMA14M spacecraft took off at from Russia’s Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to start the journey to the...

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Michelle Edwards

How I avoided becoming a crime statistic

Every year the crime stats are released, I get an unwelcome, visceral flashback to the day a teenager held a knife to my stomach. It was in the middle of the city in the middle of the day, and he watched my hands shake while I pulled my wallet out of my handbag. So many...
Tracy Engelbrecht

Dear Child

Cath says write to your children. So let’s do this. At this stage in the parenting game, it’s probably a bit late to be providing rules on how to be a human. With a son of 20 and a daughter of nearly 13, parenting right now resembles the last 10 seconds of a MasterChef challenge....