Damned by the ‘blessers’
March 16, 2016
It once used to be that the word blessed, along with its derivatives, had hallowed connotations. Not entirely so these days, especially in black urban circles where “blessers”…
Nine books to read if you struggle with anxiety
March 10, 2016
Managing anxiety can be a giant pain in the *ss. If you have social anxiety, for instance, then it can take a tremendous amount of effort to calm…
Three reasons why hiring mothers is good for business

When women become mothers one of their biggest fears is that they will lose themselves. Rather than seeing pregnancy and birth as a learning experience or a series of opportunities, women often feel they have to prove that nothing has changed. That they’re still exactly the same person they were before having a child. For …

The monsters in the machine

My laptop is suffering from a case of “pop-ups ads”, causing the most random things to appear on my screen. Often what appears are adverts to earn money in something that smells very much like a Ponzi scheme, but one day what came up was a cartoon of a man ripping the underwear off a …

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#ForBlackGirlsOnly and no longer asking for permission
By Maneo Mohale On the warm and bright morning of January 31 2016, #ForBlackGirlsOnly Johannesburg -- an event organised for and by black cisgender and transgender women -- took place at the Women’s Gaol at Constitutional Hill. The venue itself was once a women’s prison that held some of South…