Pope Francis salutes a group of boy scouts during the visit at Santa Maria Regina Pacis church on May 3, 2015, in Ostiah south of Rome. (AFP)
Absolution for abortion: The Pope’s offer is overdue but doesn’t feel like a step forward
September 4, 2015
Six months ago, I walked out of church in the middle of a service. I had recently married, but the swift exit had nothing to do with leaving…
‘Our Perfect Wedding’ to ‘Mass Hysteria’, the sky’s Morake’s limit
August 31, 2015
When Mzansi Magic’s household reality show Our Perfect Wedding announced comedian Tumi Morake as the show’s new presenter in 2014, the audience wasn’t sure what to expect from…
Women engineers quit over men’s attitudes

The South African engineering sector has evolved to become more gender-balanced, as employment equity measures increasingly ensure equal opportunities for men and women. That might be the long-term goal of the engineering sector, but it is certainly not the current reality. In 2013, the Engineering Council of South Africa said almost 11% of the total …

Why I reject the racist myth of the absent black father

For sure, this topic is complex, and though there are black families who have experienced the absence of fathers and father figures, the notion that most or all black families are navigating that particular experience is simply not true. This absent Black father narrative leaves out the important perspectives and experiences of many, and therefore …

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Artist reminds women of their beauty


Mia Von Scha
Open letter to a depressed teenager
“Reaching the desired area, The blade hesitates, quivering, Then slicing slowly, meticulously Into the soft, awaiting flesh. The wound gapes, Smiling at how it has relaxed the skin.” This was the poem I wrote when I was your age, going through something like what you are going through now. I…