Mary Ellen Mark, champion of ‘people on the edges’, dies
May 28, 2015
Mary Ellen Mark died on Monday at a New York hospital from myelodysplastic syndrome, a disease affecting bone marrow and blood, said her studio manager Julia Bezgin. The…
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Abena Koomson: life is polyrhythmic
May 28, 2015
In the off Broadway musical Fela!, an interpretation of the life and music of Afrobeat originator Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Ghanaian American artist Abena Koomson plays the role of…
The overdue, under-told story of the clitoris

From ancient history to the modern day, the clitoris has been discredited, dismissed and deleted — and women’s pleasure has often been left out of the conversation entirely. Read it the Huffington Post. Image – Screengrab

Birth control implant needs a shot in the arm

When Ntombi-khona Ndlovu (28), from Volksrust in the Pixley ka Seme district of Mpumalanga, went to the local clinic to get contraception, she was introduced to the Implanon NXT – a hormonal contraception device inserted under the skin on the inside of the nondominant upper arm. The health department introduced the implant, produced by pharmaceutical …

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People with no kids don’t know…


Tiffany Markman
Just Jani. Not a book review.
Nope. This isn't a review of Jani Allan's memoir, Jani Confidential. Yes, I've read it. Yes, I'm reviewing it. But not today. Not right now. Instead, I'm reviewing 20 minutes with Jani -- for all those, like me, who wondered what'd become of her, what she's like now and why…
Mia Von Scha
Dealing with an angry child
Most of us grew up in an era of repression. Negative feelings were to be controlled, ignored or removed. It’s no wonder that we are the generation of Prozac. There is only so long that you can repress an emotion before it fights its way to the surface again. Drugs…
Mandy Collins
‘Another broken home’
I bristled again the other day at a phrase I think we need to expunge from our vocabularies. I was talking to an elderly relative about a mutual friend who's recently been divorced and has three small children. "Ah," said my relative, shaking her head disapprovingly. "Another broken home." It's…