Here’s a proposal: Keep your private moments to yourself
December 17, 2014
In Holland, nothing says “romance” like the destruction of a neighbour’s home, which makes them temporarily destitute and wrecks their insurability in the long term. Like a bleakly…
Don’t call them pests; rapists are criminals
December 12, 2014
In South Africa, if you are a teacher who rapes a schoolchild, you are called a “sex pest” – not rapist, not criminal, not someone who abused your…
It’s 2014 and my boss makes me wear makeup to work

I love makeup. I love having a nosey around makeup counters (looking at you in particular Urban Decay) and getting myself into a flurry of excitement over the bright sparkly colours. Bright green lipstick? Sure, why not? I mean it looked great on The Hulk. Liquid eyeliner so waterproof that it requires four make up …
When the colour-blind racism of #plasterprivilege gets under your skin

By Lize Hartley The topic of race is being discussed more than ever right now. Whether you’re looking to South Africa or the United States, or almost any other country in the world for that matter, the issue of racial prejudice and the devastating repercussions thereof is an ongoing one. But outside of the big, …

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Zelda la Grange: What Madiba taught me


Mia Von Scha
Help kids travel without the stress
It seldom crosses our minds when planning an exciting holiday with our children that they might find it more than a little stressful. As adults we have a lifetime of experience with good holidays and different places to look back on that we forget that for little children a holiday…
Tiffany Markman
Breastfeeding: To cover up or not to cover up?
This is a topic I’ve always stayed away from. Because I felt disparate from the social media mainstream when it came to my opinions on feeding in public. But, nudged to profound irritation by the Claridges drama, I’m now so *over* reading blog posts, Facebook whinges and Twitter rants on…
Kagure Mugo
How did we sink to stripping women in the streets?
"You will drive men crazy if you dress like that." This common "compliment" smacks of the warning I once found in "Open Heavens", a daily devotional from a Nigerian pastor. The devotional for the day said that if women "loved their neighbour" (see men) they would not dress in a…
Courtenay Sprague
Women abuse fuels HIV infection rate
Today is an anniversary, and not a happy one. On World Aids Day, we look up from the mundane noise and tasks of the day -- our meetings, our email and even our HIV data-laden spreadsheets -- and we remember. We remember our beloved dead. To date, 39 million people have…