The New Forest ‘tech creche’ says a lot about modern life

Are your eyeballs, or the eyeballs of your family, constantly glued to a screen? Do your fingers have more contact with your digital devices than they do with, well, anything? You, like many other people in the clutches of the digital age, may be a tech addict. But the New Forest, in southern England, has […]

State eyes black and female graduates for research funding

The ratio of black and female postgraduate students funded by government should be significantly increased, Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor told Parliament during her department’s budget vote on Tuesday. She said that the National Research Foundation (NRF) – which is funded by the...

The movie industry is sexist, and sexual harassment in studios is rife

Research suggesting that the film industry is institutionally sexist is not news to me. I spent 10 years working in the UK industry, ending up as a third assistant director on multimillion-dollar feature films. In my experience, the larger the film’s budget (and its likelihood of being a box...

Decriminalise sex work to help control Aids pandemic, scientists demand

Sex work must be decriminalised if the world is to stand a chance of controlling the Aids pandemic, say scientists contributing to a series of research papers in the Lancet medical journal. Sex workers, whether female, male or transgender, are subject to repression, violence and abuse even at the...

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Claudia Hirtenfelder

No more angry vaginas!

“I don’t need feminism because I can hold my own beliefs without an army of angry vagina’s backing me.” Now that paints a picture if ever I saw one! I can see it now, the scene unfolding in front of my eyes in slow motion. A woman with her fist in the air saying “Yes...
Kate Ferreira

Instagram’s misplaced moralism

Social network Instagram has a nudity policy that is growing in infamy weekly. It all started with a little bit of celebrity: Young stars like Miley Cyrus and Scout Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore) have been protesting the rules on what you can and cannot post on Instagram after the...
Cath Jenkin

The good life…or is it?

I have a furrowed brow today, and it’s not just because I’ve had to think through too many hoops and problems during my sunshine hours. I saw something today that reminded me of a scary idea — that we’re too scared to be unhappy, and we’re willing to lie about it, to feel good. That...