Where hypervisibility meets true transformation in the arts
Gender bias in the South African art sector favours women, but the “hypervisibility” of a handful of black artists and curators obscures the fact that true transformation is
Nelisiwe Xaba makes her moves on the politics of exoticism
“I have to be a feminist; every day should be a protest day,” proclaims dancer, choreographer Nelisiwe Xaba. It’s weeks ahead of the 27th Dance Umbrella and the
India bans broadcast of film showing gang rapist
India has banned the broadcast of a controversial documentary in which one of the men who gang raped and murdered a student is shown blaming the victim --
For girls who don’t want shoes in tampon box colours
March 4, 2015
I can’t find cool trainers because I refuse to wear them in pink or purple or rancid, pukey pastel. My feet are depressed and my mind is livid. ...read more
Take him out, make him feel pretty
March 3, 2015
"Men don’t court anymore." A complaint I've heard more than once, men are less R&B and more hip hop, less Luther Vandross Buy Me a Rose and more ...read more
Talking Heads: Ory Okolloh
March 3, 2015
Ory Okolloh, founder of software company Ushahidi, is one of eight black women named as The 100 Most Influential People in 2014 by Time Magazine. Okolloh is a ...read more
‘We christened your dead baby': Belfast clinic’s anti-abortion siege
February 25, 2015
Armed with walkie-talkies and body cameras, they guide women through a gauntlet of demonstrators who are hurling abuse and waving plastic foetuses outside the only clinic in the ...read more
Model life: To call it indentured servitude is no exaggeration
February 23, 2015
Sitting at a table in a scruffy Chelsea restaurant, Sara Ziff looks across the room at a handsome blond man in his 20s, unsuspectingly eating a slice of ...read more
To wax lyrical for a lad – or not
February 20, 2015
Over the past few years I have come to feel content with the hairs on my legs. They are not especially long or thick or dark but if ...read more
Fifty shades of sexual ambiguity
February 20, 2015
Let’s get one thing straight: Fifty Shades of Grey is feminist cinema – not because its creator (EL James) and director (Sam Taylor-Johnson) are women, but for the ...read more
Jonathan Franzen and Jennifer Weiner: Comparing apples with high-heel shoes
February 17, 2015
Jonathan Franzen is grabbing headlines (again), in literary circles, for his comments about fellow author Jennifer Weiner in an interview given to Butler University’s literary journal Booth. If ...read more
Not having children is a gift to the planet, so not that selfish after all
February 13, 2015
In his recent address to an audience in St Peter’s Square, Pope Francis told people who choose not to have children that they're "selfish". He said “The choice ...read more
Revolution brewing as Sweden’s first beer made by women goes on sale
February 9, 2015
After being told for the umpteenth time that the beer she wanted would be “too dark and too strong for you, love – have something sweeter”, Rebecka Singerer ...read more
Jihadi girls must marry at 16 and know that liberation is a failed model
February 6, 2015
Jihadi girls can marry at the age of nine, should ideally have husbands by 16 or 17 and should not be corrupted by going to work, according to ...read more
Women still don’t cut it in Chris Rock’s Top Five
January 30, 2015
Chris Rock is intelligent, and has never been afraid to step out from behind the veil of comedy to interrogate the issues that have made for excellent stand-up ...read more