Modise: Another survivor on SA’s ‘Animal Farm’
“I am not a farmer. I am trying to farm. I am learning. But if you are a woman and you are learning you are not allowed to
Bikinis to blame for sex crimes on Goa’s beaches, says minister
A minister in the Indian state of Goa has warned women against wearing bikinis on beaches or visiting bars wearing short skirts, saying it is against Indian culture.
Why it’s critical that we boost the aspirations of black children
The world as we would like it to be would provide a special space for the innocence of childhood. We tell our children that with focus and hard
All you lesbians behaving badly – are strip clubs what liberation is for?
July 1, 2014
When I was a young lesbian feminist campaigning to overthrow patriarchy, what irked me most was the fact that some men would impose their own idiotic view of ...read more
FGM specialist calls for gynaecological checks for all girls in Sweden
June 30, 2014
A female genital mutilation specialist who discovered that all the girls in a group of 30 newly arrived immigrants to Sweden had been cut has called for compulsory ...read more
Libya in shock after murder of human rights activist Salwa Bugaighis
June 27, 2014
Many Libyans are in shock following the murder of one of Libya's most prominent human rights activists, killed at her home on the day of country's general election. ...read more
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What? Your virginity for the Boko Haram girls’ freedom?
June 26, 2014
The kidnapping of more than 200 girls is confounding enough but now a singer in Nigeria has reportedly offered her virginity in exchange for the safe return of ...read more
This is what happens when parents love their children unconditionally
June 26, 2014
Parenting is about being the best mom or dad we can be to our kids. Sometimes it's simple. Other times, it might not be what we anticipated or ...read more
Oh, pretty please for potty parity!
June 24, 2014
I’m losing the battle with my husband when it comes to toddler toilet accompaniment in public. And I’m so frustrated that I need to open the issue to ...read more
Muslim Council of Britain says female genital mutilation is ‘un-Islamic’
June 24, 2014
The Muslim Council of Britain, the country's largest Muslim organisation, has condemned the practice of female genital mutilation as "un-Islamic" and told its members that FGM risks bringing ...read more
It’s time to bury the myth of the trophy wife
June 24, 2014
In the forthcoming edition of the American Sociological Review, Elizabeth McClintock reports her research that appraised a representative sample of more than 1,500 young married couples and found ...read more
Iranian child bride faces execution for killing the man she was forced to marry
June 20, 2014
Razieh Ebrahimi was forced to marry at the age of 14, became a mother at 15, and killed her husband at 17. Now at 21, she is on ...read more
There’s no harm in a young child having a night away from its mother
June 20, 2014
I have no more wonderful memory than cuddling my daughter and son to sleep. Bath time, stories, then snuggling down. When they woke in the night it was ...read more
Deaths from unsafe abortions are rising
June 20, 2014
Controlling fertility is an integral part of the human condition, specifically for women. This is because of the reproductive capacity particular to women’s bodies. But interventions in fertility ...read more
Alert: Today’s female Fifa World Cup soccer fan
June 20, 2014
This just in: a couple of days into the soccer World Cup and word on the street is that scores of men are reportedly dumbstruck by the idea ...read more