The art of communication
Chatting to your kids is not supposed to be habitual. Communication is an art. So if you want more than a habituated response you’re going to have to
Three reasons why hiring mothers is good for business
When women become mothers one of their biggest fears is that they will lose themselves. Rather than seeing pregnancy and birth as a learning experience or a series
Search engine lets users find live video of sleeping babies
For every benefit of the internet of things, such as being able to unlock a garage door with your mobile phone, or find your car keys by sending
Spanish MP causes stir by bringing baby to parliament
January 14, 2016
He has not been elected and he cannot vote on policy, but five-month-old Diego was one of many new faces as the Spanish parliament convened for the first more
Helping the highly sensitive child
December 11, 2015
There are many children incorrectly diagnosed as being either ADHD or as having oppositional defiance disorder who are really just highly sensitive children that are overwhelmed by the more
Being robbed is the price we pay for the way we live
October 14, 2015
"Being robbed is the price we pay for the way we live," my husband said, several hours after we came home on Saturday to find our front gate more
Pink for girls and blue for boys?
September 16, 2015
On Saturday my daughter readied herself for a Superheroes party. She wore a pretty red party dress with net and a bow, old-fashioned white sandals and a red more
Pregnany mortality rates in SA.
Poor children need to be supported from the womb, say experts
September 8, 2015
Children who will be born into poverty need to be enrolled in child support programmes while they are still in the womb, a representative from a Ugandan child more
Why I reject the racist myth of the absent black father
August 25, 2015
For sure, this topic is complex, and though there are black families who have experienced the absence of fathers and father figures, the notion that most or all more
Nuclear family in meltdown (but the kids will be okay)
August 25, 2015
Lesley and John Brown had been trying to conceive for nine years. The failures took their toll: Lesley became depressed, and at one point suggested that John find more
Is a woman too old to have a baby at 50? It depends on who she is
August 24, 2015
Woman has baby. You wouldn’t think that it would make headline news (unless, of course, it was Kate and Will again), but it has. Not because the mother-to-be more
Robert Hamblin
Art that explores fatherhood and transracial adoption
July 3, 2015
The meaning of the word “family” is queer to me. Semiotically I know what the word is supposed to signify. Semantically I know what its heteronormative conventions denote. more
Hurdles remain, but our child support system has improved
June 12, 2015
One never finds an article that is positive about the government in the Mail & Guardian, so it wasn’t a surprise that last week’s article on the amendments more
Aspirational parents condemn their children to a desperate, joyless life
June 10, 2015
Perhaps because the alternative is too hideous to contemplate, we persuade ourselves that those who wield power know what they are doing. The belief in a guiding intelligence more
Why aren’t men in their 30s pressured to have kids? The answer isn’t biological…
June 3, 2015
Here is an assertion with which you will be familiar. After 30, women’s fertility falls drastically. Their chances of conceiving naturally plummet, and they are left relying on more