Puerto Rico law would brand parents of obese children ‘child abusers’
Nikhol Cruz Cepeda doesn’t look like a victim of child abuse. She has a wide, sparkling smile, enjoys spending time with her family and close circle of friends,
The problem with Dolce & Gabbana’s motherhood-themed runway show
The designers' Milan Fashion Week show celebrated mothers — but not in the way our culture needs ... It’s hard to deny the actual collection is stunning, but
Brain food for growing minds
In South Africa, most of the adults who spend time with children in their various capacities as parents, teachers, care­givers, adopters or custodians, do not regularly read aloud
Why reading and writing on paper can be better for your brain
February 24, 2015
My son is 18 months old, and I’ve been reading books with him since he was born. I say “reading”, but I really mean “looking at” – not more
Why getting an abortion was the best decision of my life
February 19, 2015
Sometimes, however, I do feel guilty for not ‘sticking it out’ and ‘doing the right thing’. My husband feels the same. But then I think to myself, who more
Not having children is a gift to the planet, so not that selfish after all
February 13, 2015
In his recent address to an audience in St Peter’s Square, Pope Francis told people who choose not to have children that they're "selfish". He said “The choice more
Parenting schmarenting
February 5, 2015
I am so incredibly fed up with seeing people who have chosen to be parents, and who have a perfectly comfortable life and perfectly normal children, whining on more
You know you’re a full-time working mom when…
February 3, 2015
1. Your daily mood and productivity are directly proportional to the strength and reliability of your Wi-Fi. 2. You harbour an unreasonable level of hatred for parents who more
Nutella not a girl’s name, French court rules
January 27, 2015
A French court has barred a couple from naming their daughter Nutella after the popular hazelnut chocolate spread. The unusual choice of name by the couple from Valenciennes, more
Disneyland measles outbreak leaves many anti-vaccination parents unmoved
January 26, 2015
For more than three years, Tanya Gottesburen refused to have her son Robert vaccinated. She didn’t like what she read about the ingredients in vaccines – things like more
Five-year-old misses friend’s birthday party and has to pay £15.95
January 20, 2015
The parents of a five-year-old schoolboy have been invoiced for failing to attend a school friend’s birthday party and have been threatened with legal action if they do more
New Year’s resolutions: How to get fit, watch less TV, and be more present as a parent
January 8, 2015
By Bridie Jabour, Saman Shad and Monica Tan Want to get fit, ditch the device and be a more present parent, and watch less television? Our panel have more
Ohio transgender teen’s suicide note: ‘Fix society. Please.’
January 6, 2015
Supporters of LGBT rights are calling for legal changes and a shift in social understanding in the wake of the death of Leelah Alcorn, a transgender teenager whose more
Help kids travel without the stress
December 10, 2014
It seldom crosses our minds when planning an exciting holiday with our children that they might find it more than a little stressful. As adults we have a more
‘Significant’ link between pre-eclampsia, autism: study
December 9, 2014
Children born to women who suffered a high-blood pressure condition called pre-eclampsia during pregnancy are twice as likely to have autism or other developmental delays, US researchers said more