Breastfeeding: To cover up or not to cover up?
This is a topic I’ve always stayed away from. Because I felt disparate from the social media mainstream when it came to my opinions on feeding in public.
Getting over the terror of public speaking
Open up just about any magazine or browse the self-help section at your nearest book store, and you’ll be flummoxed by just how many words throw themselves at
Shyness is not a disease
The drugging of our children has reached ridiculous proportions over the past century. We label our kids as having ADHD because they can’t sit still and dose them
Complications from preterm births now the main killer of under-fives
November 18, 2014
Complications associated with preterm births have become the leading single killer of children under five, outpacing pneumonia and claiming 3 000 lives every day in what has been described more
Transracial adoption: Loving gift or theft of culture?
November 11, 2014
Sometime in the 1960s, South African photographer Ernest Cole snapped an evocative shot of a black domestic worker holding a white infant on a park bench in Johannesburg, more
If you are half of a parenting pair, then you share the duties equally. (Stefan Schinning, Flickr)
‘Helping’ with the kids
November 5, 2014
I've lost count of the number of times one of my friends has boasted that her husband or boyfriend is "so wonderful because he's always helping with the more
Who can discipline my child?
November 4, 2014
The older our children get, the more they interact with the world at large. And the more they interact with other people out there, the more likely they more
Parents: Google is not your friend
October 7, 2014
Honestly, new parents of 2014, I don't know how you do it. To be more specific -- parents of 2014 with a working internet connection. You must have more
Woman has baby after womb transplant in world first
October 6, 2014
A 36-year-old Swede has become the world's first woman to give birth after receiving a womb transplant, doctors said Saturday, describing the event as a breakthrough for infertile more
Nature supports moms who take time out to relax
September 30, 2014
Did you know that nature supports mothers taking time out for themselves? And that if you mess with nature you end up actually being a less-caring mother -- more
Phones let books boost our bedtimes
September 9, 2014
How much of your success was determined by hard work? Or was it luck? I’m sure you’re saying: “Yes, this was all down to my hard work.” But more
Dear Child
September 9, 2014
Cath says write to your children. So let's do this. At this stage in the parenting game, it's probably a bit late to be providing rules on how more
Ready for a second?
September 9, 2014
As soon as the Duke and Duchess’s news broke on Twitter on Monday, I logged off and resolved not to return until the equally tiresome witty derision and more
Write to your children
September 5, 2014
As a writer who focuses a lot of her energy and work on parenting, I often get asked for advice. I find this equal parts hilarious and touching, more
‘She’s quite a tomboy, hey?’
September 2, 2014
I had my own version of Taylor Swift's epiphany at university, so I’ve been a feminist for a decade, but it wasn’t until a year ago that I more