Instagram’s misplaced moralism
Social network Instagram has a nudity policy that is growing in infamy weekly. It all started with a little bit of celebrity: Young stars like Miley Cyrus and
The New Forest ‘tech creche’ says a lot about modern life
Are your eyeballs, or the eyeballs of your family, constantly glued to a screen? Do your fingers have more contact with your digital devices than they do with,
Grazia ‘slut’ tweet gets shamed
So instead of addressing the issue that Grazia was obviously trying to canvas its opinion on, we all leap to moral outrage over an awkwardly phrased tweet. Why? The
The good life…or is it?
July 15, 2014
I have a furrowed brow today, and it’s not just because I’ve had to think through too many hoops and problems during my sunshine hours. I saw something more
Facebook reveals news feed experiment to control emotions
June 30, 2014
It already knows whether you are single or dating, the first school you went to and whether you like or loathe Justin Bieber. But now Facebook, the world's more
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How to raise a low-media child (without going insane)
June 17, 2014
We all know that screen time in excess can be harmful to infants and toddlers, and that it isn’t great for older children either. And I would guess more
Online risks for children are balanced by opportunities
June 9, 2014
For many parents, young people’s enthusiastic use of technologies such as cellphones and the internet is a worry. South African youth, even those who live in underprivileged circumstances, more
Raise wiser children, not taller fences
May 23, 2014
It is not unusual – and it is becoming more and more common – to have in front of me the tear-streaked face of a child who has more
‘Revenge porn’ victims receive boost from German court ruling
May 23, 2014
Intimate photographs should be deleted at the end of a relationship if one of the partners calls for it, a court in Germany has ruled. The ruling by more
Use your phone a lot? It’s not necessarily a bad thing
May 21, 2014
Mothers, wives, workers, women … do you feel guilty when you spend time on your phone? You shouldn’t. Here’s why. Picture a woman. She’s walking her dog in more
Desperate to get pregnant? There’s an app for that
May 20, 2014
Vicky and Jonathan were 23 when they got married and started trying for a baby, and it hadn't occurred to them that they might have any trouble conceiving. more
Google faces deluge of requests to wipe details from search index
May 16, 2014
Hundreds of people including an ex-politician seeking re-election, a paedophile and a doctor have applied to have details about them wiped from Google's search index since a landmark more
Is misogyny worse now than before the internet?
May 9, 2014
Earlier this week, Monica Lewinsky wrote about being "possibly the first person whose global humiliation was driven by the internet" (recalling the biting sexism she experienced in the more
Are you checking work email in bed? At the dinner table? On vacation?
May 2, 2014
Cultural pundits these days often bemoan how people are "addicted" to their smartphones. We're narcissistic drones, we're told, unable to look away from the glowing screen, desperate to more
What’s wrong with being happy?
April 23, 2014
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, there's a good possibility you've wanted to unfollow me over the last two weeks. I'll unashamedly say that life has more