Are you a woman who wants a payrise? There’s an app for that
You're a woman in a French workplace and you think you deserve a payrise, but how do you go about getting one? A) Ask for one. B) Ask
Films that pass the Bechdel test more profitable
Movies which pass the "Bechdel test" are more likely to be profitable and return higher box-office grosses than those which do not, contrary to received thinking in Hollywood,
Breaking down the desire to be thinner
The desire to be thin is so ingrained in our culture (thanks, $58.6 billion diet industry) that we don’t often ask the question — Why do you want
When should your kid get a cellphone?
April 2, 2014
The single most common "official" reason for parents giving a child a cellphone is for safety and security. The most common unofficial reason is that the parents have more
Social media sharpens our feminist solidarity
April 1, 2014
Feminist conversations are becoming louder in the online sphere. Even if you had no interest in following feminist activists on Twitter or reading blogs and websites dedicated to more
Techno-cupid: Flirting with disaster
March 27, 2014
Dating has come a long way since the days when someone would send you a well-crafted letter from many miles away and then eagerly await your reply. Gone more
Online dating for lesbians: Has Dattch rewritten the rules?
March 25, 2014
For too many lesbians, seeking out dateable women is an ordeal. Some would much rather stay at home watching Scandinavian crime dramas with their cats than spend several more
A letter to my son about porn
March 11, 2014
To my darling Son, I know this is not a conversation any boy wants to have with his mum at any age, so I’m going to let you more
The world’s largest photo service just made its pictures free to use
March 7, 2014
If you go to the Getty Images website, you'll see millions of images, all watermarked. There are more than a hundred years of photography here, from FDR on more
Help’s at hand for connected moms
February 6, 2014
During her fifth month of pregnancy, a young woman, without a smartphone that can download applications from an app store, received the following message: "Your baby now has more
Facebook will lose 80% of users by 2017, say Princeton researchers
January 23, 2014
Facebook has spread like an infectious disease but we are slowly becoming immune to its attractions, and the platform will be largely abandoned by 2017, say researchers at more
In search of the humble ‘are’
January 9, 2014
On the final day of a lovely beach vacation, I spotted the notice above at George Airport, on SA’s Garden Route. Despite my state of relaxation, I was more
Simone de Beauvoir: Google doodle celebrates a feminist icon
January 9, 2014
Google has celebrated what would have been the 106th birthday of the French feminist writer Simone de Beauvoir with a Google Doodle on the search engine's home page. more
The robots are coming. Will they bring wealth or a divided society?
January 6, 2014
Whether it's our humdrum reliance on supermarket self-service tills, Siri on our iPhones, the emergence of the drone as a weapon of choice or the impending arrival of more
Space is for everyone
Space is for everyone
December 6, 2013
Dr Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman in space, says developing countries should be involved in space exploration.