‘I need to sit that way because of my balls’ — and 5 other misguided defences of ‘manspreading’ on public transport

Men spreading their legs into others’ space is taking place on public transport systems all over the world. It takes many forms, some slight, others severe. “Manspreading” is the now official term, and thanks to an anti-manspreading campaign in New York, it’s something that’s recently gained a lot of traction. Signs reading “Dude…stop the spread”…

Why I stopped reading/hearing/watching the news. And why you should too

I am convinced that reading the news is worse than not reading anything at all. There is no proof that it makes us wiser, better decision makers, better informed, better citizens; nothing — if anything, entirely the opposite. If you are anything like me, you’ve already stopped consuming news without even making a conscious decision about it….