Black women, define yourselves

Weaved up? Check. Larney accent? Check. Yellow bone? Check. Manicured nails? Check. Make-up contoured to the nines and designer duds for days? Check.

Congratulations. You’re well on your way to fitting society’s baseline expectations of what it takes to be regarded as an attractive black woman. And it doesn’t end there.

So what happens, pray tell, if you don’t meet these “requirements”? You’re basic. You’re not attractive. You’re unappealing. Try harder.

Let’s look at Ntsiki Mazwai. Fearless and headstrong, the famed poet, beaded accessory designer and recording artist often faces the wrath of the Twitterati for unashamedly speaking out against racism, patriarchal constructs, sexism, the difficulties of being a black woman and the like.

Read it at the M&G.

Image – Lindiwe Mazibuko (David Harrison)