Crafting the spaces between

Cape Town is two art galleries richer. This month Smith Studio launches in the city with Kurt Pio’s solo show, I love Cape Town, and Space Between in neighbouring Woodstock opened in late January with group exhibit Urban A, featuring Nardstar, Ariel23, R1, Skullboy, Jackfox and Ninjabreadboy.

For a chat with Candace Marshall-Smith and Amy Ellenbogen at their Smith Studio, visitors are greeted by the shrieks of shredding jigsaws and have to dodge construction workers carrying large beams under their arms.

The two business partners and friends are in the thick of final renovations, turning a 250-year-old warehouse into an art gallery. But, in the hands of architects Reanne Urbain and Alex McGee, and with guidance from heritage specialists Gawie and Gwen Fagan, they are unconcerned. Inside, the building’s old walls are exposed to show off raw brick and slate. A sunken courtyard provides natural light and ventilation.

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Image – Candace Marshall-Smith and Amy Ellenbogen of Smith Studio. (M&G)