Explode, but only if you feel it

Faking orgasms is a disservice to society. Why give a standing ovation when the play is bad?

These were the musings during my first year of university when I contemplated sex and orgasms. This thinking did not stop me doing it years later, but then again, everyone knows taking one’s own advice is poor etiquette.

This is a question many should ask themselves when they find themselves giving a “hoot and holler” in the sack while simultaneously wondering whether the video recorder is picking up the new How to Get Away With Murder or whether it is easier to pick up milk from Pick n Pay or from Checkers on the way home.

This sexual charade is somewhat widespread and is not specific to gender, race or religion. According to sex psychologists, it is not just women who fake orgasms but men as well, for a whole host of reasons.

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Image – Reuters

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