Festive food shopping guide

Instead of spending hundreds of rands on Christmas presents for friends and colleagues, give them festive treats in pretty packaging.

With ideas so delicious and budget-friendly, we won’t blame you for dipping into the cookie jar yourself. Scoop them up with your RCS card at retailers such as Pick n Pay, Spar and Checkers, and enjoy.

Crunchy cookie delights
Spice things up with crunchy ginger-spice cookies that taste as good as they look. Present them in a glass jar wrapped with ribbon for the perfect festive memento for your friends and family.

Irresistible sweet treats
Stollen, panettone and fruitcake are longstanding festive food favourites that are worth every yummy bite. Deliver them in a colourful baker’s box for a gift everyone will love.

Decadent mince pies
Nothing says Christmas quite like a fresh mince pie. These rich, sticky, sweet fruit pastries can be served cold or warm with a glass of dessert wine.

You can also pair them warm with coffee, brandy butter, cream or ice-cream for a great treat.

Sparkling sorbet cocktail
Toast to your celebrations with a refreshing homemade cocktail, served in tall glasses. Turn fresh fruit juice into a gorgeous slush in the freezer.

Then top with sparkling wine like Prosecco and finish off with a fresh cherry or two.

Yummy candy strings
This sweet Christmas decoration is a fun activity for the kids. Pierce holes into soft jelly sweets and then let the little ones string them onto dental floss.

Watch out though, they could gobble more than they string. Hang them on the Christmas tree or wherever the kids decide.

Nuts, nuts, nuts
From pecan nuts to pistachios, fill up a bowl and pass them around. They are full of festive flavour and great additions to salads, dessert toppings and side dishes.

For a quick and easy festive centrepiece, nestle votive candles in a tray of assorted nuts.

Snap up festive treats with your RCS Card and enjoy the holidays.

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