#ForBlackGirlsOnly event promotes sisterhood in Jo’burg

Everywhere you looked was all black. Black girls in black clothes punting black womanness. So although the request had been made for those in attendance to do so wearing all black, maybe it wasn’t the best colour choice, considering the sun was out in full force.

“I feel like I’m being cooked,” someone said. “I know melanin works as a natural sunblock but I mean, really, this is too much.”

And an abundance of melanin there was. Black women of all shades, shapes and sizes packed Constitution Hill to capacity on Sunday as Johannesburg played host to the second #ForBlackGirlsOnly event.

It was nothing too earnest, just a place for black women to come together over a shared sisterhood in the absence of the usual patriarchal, cultural and societal pressures.

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Image by Lungelo Mbulwana