Frances Goodman’s manicured bed of nails

I meet Frances Goodman at the Goodman Gallery in the midst of installing her current show Nail Her. She is ­standing in the parking lot, smiling and discussing arrangements for manicures with the people from the ­gallery. From the look of her you would never imagine the scale of the installation happening inside.

We step into the gallery, its walls blackened for the show. To my right the first new work looms large: at around two metres long, you need some room to take it in.

From afar you can make out a white sculpted gown – its skirt of serpentine tendrils drilling and melting into the concrete floor. Step a little closer and you get a sense of the scales the tendrils are made up of, their white patina glaring in the spotlights of the gallery. On closer inspection, the dress is revealed to be layered in thousands of white fingernails, one on top of another.

Read it at the M&G.

Image – M&G

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