Girls as young as 10 sold as sex slaves in South Africa

One in three of the identified females who were trafficked for the purposes of sexual exploitation in South Africa last year were girls younger than 18 – with some of them as young as 10, according to human-trafficking expert and University of the Free State researcher Monique Emser.

Research conducted in 2014 by the research firm LexisNexis, as part of its annual human trafficking index, tracked down 16 women and eight girls, who had been trafficked and sexually exploited, from media reports. Emser, who was one of the researchers for the index, said the cases were selected from reported incidents, which are “generally higher-profile court cases” and, therefore, “barely scratch the surface” of the true number of girls who are trafficked in the country every year.

The Salvation Army reports that 1 000 girls are trafficked to South Africa each year from Mozambique alone.

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