Help’s at hand for connected moms

During her fifth month of pregnancy, a young woman, without a smartphone that can download applications from an app store, received the following message: “Your baby now has regular periods of being awake and sleeping. You will notice more movements when your baby is awake.”

The young woman couldn’t afford books about pregnancy. She didn’t know where to turn to for advice – the public healthcare system she was using only offered four antenatal visits during her entire pregnancy, and, as she was young and single, she wasn’t comfortable discussing her pregnancy with older, more experienced people in the community.

The only internet access she had was through her feature phone, which is much cheaper than a smartphone, but costs more than a basic cellphone. Whereas a basic phone can only make phone calls and receive text messages, a feature phone can also access the internet and some instant messaging services, but not email and complex applications like smartphones.

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Image – M&G

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