‘I gave my children booze – and now I fear for their future’

Tammy-Ann Julies* remembers “feeding” her eldest son alcohol for the first time about two years ago. It was a late Friday afternoon and the then eight-year-old Owen* and his mother shared a 750ml bottle of Black Label beer.

They were sitting in the houthok [wooden shack] that Julies (30) and her husband (36) had built in the back yard of one of the pink and brown municipal flats in Roodewal, a mainly coloured township in the Cape Winelands.

Julies’s husband wasn’t home from work yet.

Inside the houthok, things were getting “really jolly” and “loud” as Julies and her son moved on to whisky: neat, on ice. Julies’s usually neat black hair, cut in a bob, was soon tousled.

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Image – M&G

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