Jo Anke Gallery: This is the house that art builds

Hlengiwe Vilikati’s belief that art can be a vehicle for cultural integration is so strong that she’s converted her home into a gallery.

From the outside, the Jo Anke Gallery (named after Vilikati’s parents) resembles any other Orange Grove house: slightly old-fashioned, unassuming compared with the homes in the neighbouring suburbs. But step inside and a visually sumptuous world awaits: where other homes have swings and slides on the lawn, Vilikati has geometric sculptures; inside, a back room has been carefully arranged to show would-be art collectors how they can best display their pieces.

This step away from the traditional gallery is deliberate: as gallery owner, Vilikati wishes not only to create exposure for her artists, but also to make art more accessible by educating audiences, and showing them how art can inform, entertain and evoke emotion.

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Image – M&G