Kaboom shots! Girls can rap too

“If there’s any female rapper that can do it better than me, I owe you 10 grand, yo!” said an animated Gigi Lamayne during a pre-performance interview at Johannesburg’s Maftown Heights in December. “Even male!” interjected Thabo, a member of Gigi’s dance crew, Supreme I.

Lamayne stared right into the camera: “If there’s any male rapper who thinks he’s better than me today, you need to bring it. Kaboom shots!” she said – twice – before adding: “Supreme!” with both hands cupped around her mouth, as if hollering at someone.

Lamayne is at the forefront of what appears to be a new wave of women dominating the South African hip-hop landscape. Her most recent single, Ice Cream, the remix version of which featured Khuli Chana, has done well on national radio since its release earlier in the year.

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Image – Hip Hop star Gigi Lamayne. (Xavier Saer)