Nardstar pushes street art to the limit

There aren’t many female graffiti artists around. Put off by the macho crew culture, the unwritten rules governing who can paint what and where, and the general swagger of artists trying to one-up each other, they tend to gravitate to less aggressive mediums.

“I’ve always refused to believe that I wouldn’t be able to do something because I’m female,” says 28-year-old artist Nardstar, who was listed by Huffington Post last week as one of 25 women pushing the limits of street art around the world.

Nardstar, the daughter of well-known journalist and editor Ryland Fisher, says her father always pushed her to challenge norms. But her fearlessness when it comes to taking on a male-dominated industry can probably also be attributed to the fact that she used to hang out with boys as a teenager.

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Image – M&G