Prettifying comes at a pretty price

This Women’s Day you might have taken a moment to honour the women in your life, to recognise the barriers behind which they toil or over which they climb.

But when you thought of the historic battle for suffrage or acknowledged the R72 they get for every R100 a man earns for doing the same job, you may have overlooked another significant hurdle that only women face: the burden of make-up tax.

For every pay cheque the average woman earns, a portion will be earmarked for an expense that the average man will never have to worry about. For every year of her life, she will spend between two days and two weeks on a pursuit that most men will never have to dabble in. It’s one of the prices of being a woman, and it’s time-consuming, expensive and bafflingly self-inflicted.

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Graphic – John McCann