Township life of LGBTIs: Dying for justice in Thokoza

A party was about to start at the BP garage in Thokoza. Two brightly painted, vintage Volkswagen Beetles were parked at the petrol station, deafening house music blasting from their speakers. The passengers, members of a bridal party, were dancing, grinding their hips to the beat, screeching out the lyrics.

Two of them started kissing amid the revelry: one was wearing a calf-length, peach-pink dress and the other in a tuxedo. Everyone at the garage stopped what they were doing. They couldn’t believe their eyes. There, in middle of a petrol station in the east of Johannesburg, two women were making out.

Barely two hours earlier Ayanda Magoloza (28) and her girlfriend Nhlanhla Moremi (32) tied the knot near their home in Thokoza’s Kwanele Park. Magoloza, a “femme” lesbian, wore a cream-coloured wedding gown and Moremi, a “butch” lesbian, wore a tuxedo. Magoloza had bridesmaids and Moremi had groomsmen. It was a white wedding but, more significantly, a lesbian wedding in the middle of a public park in a township.

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Image – Ayanda Magoloza and Nhlanhla Moremi tie the knot. (Clarissa Sosin)