Toxic notions of gender behind grisly killings

On Saturday September 5 in Yeoville, Johannesburg, Patrick Wisani allegedly killed his 24-year-old girlfriend, Nosipho Mandleleni, by beating her to death with a sjambok and a broomstick. Someone alerted the police after hearing her screams. It was a horrifying and excruciating way to die.

Wisani, chairperson of the Johannesburg inner-city branch of the ANC Youth League and former chairperson of the Community Police Forum (CPF) in Yeoville, handed himself in to the police on the following Monday.

The bail proceedings were marked by the magistrate “reading the riot act” to the police for their poor investigation of the case – the docket apparently lacked details about how and where the murder happened.

After appearing in court on four occasions, Wisani was granted bail on Monday September 21 for an amount of R3 000, on the condition that he stays out of Yeoville.

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Image – Enough is enough: Sonke Gender Justice protests outside the court where the sjambok-wielding Patrick Wisani appeared. (Thomas Khonde/