Washable pads have the potential to bring dignity to all women

Sindiswa Khubeka* from Sea Point in Cape Town will save more than R4 500 over the next five years on tampons and pads after she bought a set of washable sanitary towels for R205 in July last year.

Khubeka (36) started using the towels when she got involved in a programme that distributes the products to young women from underprivileged areas in the Western Cape. “I used to use normal pads and tampons. But then I switched to the washable pads so that I can speak from experience to young women.”

Many young women around the country do not have the choice of using “normal pads and tampons” when menstruating.

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Image – A woman demonstrates how to use the new washable sanitary towels. (meanderchronicle.co.za)