What? Your virginity for the Boko Haram girls’ freedom?

The kidnapping of more than 200 girls is confounding enough but now a singer in Nigeria has reportedly offered her virginity in exchange for the safe return of the girls.

Adokiye Kyrian, a 23-year-old celebrity, is willing to take their place.

This isn’t the first time Adokiye has offered herself up in exchange for something. In April she offered herself to any man who would buy her mother a jet.

Even if Adokiye’s words aren’t taken seriously they have repercussions.

Counterproductive curves

When looking at the possible harm the first point of departure must be that no matter how amazing a physical specimen Adokiye is, this is not going to #BringBackOurGirls. There are times when you can use what God gave you to further a personal or public cause but this is not one of those instances. It wouldn’t be very productive for the anti-western cause if the Boko Haram men suddenly swapped all their leverage for a woman in a bikini.

This has drawn much-needed attention from the actual girls in danger bringing a tabloid circus element to a very serious situation. The fact that more women and children have been kidnapped has to fight against the attention garnered from a woman reportedly offering sex for freedom under the same #BringBackOurGirls banner.

Secondly, and more importantly what message has she sent to the kidnappers (and the world) about women’s bodies and their use by men?

This spreads the idea that women are mere pawns in the ideological battles that rage in a country. That if you feel strongly enough about something put your “female chips” on the table, no matter how old they are.

Rather than offering something along the lines of peace talks or other diplomatic channels she’s sent the message that “in order to counter-act the commodification of women, I must make myself the ultimate commodity”.

In a world where women are told what to wear, that they can be wife number two or three without prior warning or sentenced to death because they “change their religious beliefs”, a woman offering herself to the highest bidder doesn’t help the situation.

Image – Adokiye Kyrian/Facebook