Women: The original sinners

It was that hussy Eve who started it all. Living large in the Garden of Eden, untrammelled by sin or clothes or debit orders. It could all have been so different.

But Eve and her malfunctioning impulse control just had to go and do the one thing she wasn’t supposed to: eat that damn apple. It wasn’t like there weren’t other fruits around. It was a garden, for heaven’s sake. There was basically nothing but fruit, and maybe a few legumes – pretty much everything on the Banting “orange” list.

Eve screwed women. And men, too, of course. She was the original sinner.

But people seldom talk about the fact that the serpent that tricked her into eating the apple is usually described as male. Or that, when God confronted Adam about the apple fiasco, he threw Eve under the bus immediately, even though he had also taken a big old bite of that apple quite happily.

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Image – Jade Klara