Yes, all women know an Elliot

By now we’re all a little fatigued by the feverish pace at which Twitter hashtags emerge, saturate social media, and then vanish. The latest one, #YesAllWomen, is about arguing that all women are subjected to some sort of sexism, misogyny or violence at some point in their lives.

It is being taken far more seriously than most previous hashtags and is promoting far more debate. And it is doing so for the worst of reasons: it speaks the truth.

If any of my fellow men doubt this then I would urge them to ask their female friends what negative experiences they’ve had. Your findings are likely to be both illuminating and horrible.

The #YesAllWomen campaign started in direct response to a mass shooting that occurred in Santa Barbara, California, on May 23. The murderer, Elliot Rodger, stabbed three people to death, killed another three by gunfire, wounded 13 others and then took his own life.

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Image – Reuters